International UFO Reporter
Editor: Jerome CLARK, George M. EBERHART, Mark RODEGHIER
Magazine:International UFO Reporter

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Publisher:J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies
Issue:Vol. 30 N. 4 August
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Gary ANTHONY, David CLARKEThe British MOD Study: Project Condign 3-13+29-32

Jerome CLARKThe core phenomenon and the secondary phenomenon 14-16

Schuessler retires as MUFON head 16

Robert BARROWTom Towers: the other Al Chop 17-19

Michael D. SWORDSStrange days 20-25
International UFO Reporter Volume 31 number 1 January/2007 - Williamson and Adamski
International UFO Reporter Volume 31 number 3 Ocober/2007 - Adamski in the desert

Mark RODEGHIERSome lingering ham radio mysteries 24

UFO over Auckland 25

Mark RODEGHIERWhere are the close encounters? 26-27

Clouds and satellite objects27-28
Right place, right time28

Alien "abduction", rescue, proposal a first for museum 28