Flying Saucer Review
Editor: Derek D. DEMPSTER
Magazine:Flying Saucer Review

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Publisher:Flying Saucer Service Ltd, London
Issue:Vol. 1 N. 4 September - October
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Let's talk space
Test show cosmic ray are not harmful2
U.S. backs Canadian saucer plane2
Fleet over midlands3
Is Jupiter alive?3
Saucer in the Andes3
Russia prepares to launch satellite4
Postmaster sketches saucer4
U.S. jets scramble for U.F.O.4-5
As big a jet - with windows5
Landed disch entered in Argentine5
The review in America5

Spaceman lands in Norway? 6-7
(Reprint Flying Saucer Review Vol. 34 N. 2 June Quarter/1989 Spaceman lands in Norway?, pp. 2-3)

Earl NELSONWhat? Whence? Why? 8-11

Max B. MILLERA New trend in Space Traverl 12-15

Denis MONTGOMERYA New Pattern of Behaviour 15

W, J. BROWNFlying Saucers and Politic 16-17

W. SCHROEDERCurrent events in the Heavens 18-21

Meade LAYNE"MAT and DEMAT" etheric aspects of U.F.O. 22-23

Georges GAUTHIERA Russian scientist talks about U.F.O.s...24-25
... And Desmond Leslie slams him25

D.D.D.Mysteries of Science, by John Rowland26
B. le. P.T.The Case for the U.F.O.26
Review: Morris K. JESSUP,THE CASE FOR THE UFO - Unidentified Flying Objects - 1955
D.D.D.The Imprisoned Spendour, by Raynor C. Johnson26

Build up Your Flying Saucer Library Free! 27-28

World Round-Up29-31

Mail Bag
Mail J. BARNES, Richards HARRIET, Morris K. JESSUP, Charles A. MANEY, John McCOY32