Editor: John RIMMER

Interpreting Contemporary Vision and Belief

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Issue:N. 84 March
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Editorial Notes2

David SIVIERMindscapes
For Forteans, it is axiomatic that the exclusion of the weird and the bizarre from the modern rationalistic weltanschauung began in the seventeenth century with the rise of institutional Science. "The power, that has said to all these things that they are damned, is Dogmatic Science", as Fort himself said at the very beginning of the Book of the Damned

Martin KOTTMEYERThe Alien Carried Paperwork
In March 1980, a young rural Pennsylvania couple was interviewed concerning an experience they shared aboard an alien craft. A person attending a lecture on UFOs given by Eugenie Macer-Story told her about the couple’s experiences. She travelled to their home – they had no telephone – and they cordially allowed her to tape the story of their encounters with the aliens. Frank and Alice had not contacted any UFO organisation and there was no use of hypnosis at any point preceding or during Macer-Story’s interview.

Readers' Letters
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Book Reviews
A. E. Waite, Devil Worship in France with Diana Vaughan and the Question of Modern Paladism. Weiser Books, 200316-17
Let us take breath here and understand quite how dangerous Hopkins is now becoming. People have a natural tendency to fear the 'Other' and can be easily tempted to hate and fear anyone who seems just a little bit odd and different. Now the 'Other' are no longer safe on the spaceship, but down the road, where bricks and worse can be thrown through their window. Hopkins is licensing new forms of persecution.
Review: Budd HOPKINS, Carol RAINEY,SIGHT UNSEEN - 2003
Richard J. McNally. Remembering Trauma. Belknap Press of the Harvard University Press,200318
Steve Roud. The Penguin Guide to the Superstitions of Britain and Ireland. Penguin Books, 200318
Bart Simon. Undead Science: science studies and the afterlife of cold fusion. Rutgers University Press, 200219
Christopher PARTRIDGE (ed.), UFO RELIGIONS 19
Review: Christopher PARTRIDGE (ed.),UFO RELIGIONS - 2003
John RIMMERP. D. Rendall. Cereal Killers, the Memoirs of a Crop Circle Researcher: Book One, the innocent years 1988 - 1991. Past-Track Publications, 200319

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