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Interpreting Contemporary Vision and Belief

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Issue:N. 87 February
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Peter ROGERSONNorthern echoes2+17

Andy ROBERTSA Saucer Full of Secrets
The word hippie conjures visions of brightly-clad young people rebelling against society whilst advocating peace, free love and the right to alter their consciousness when and how they chose. It's an appealing image, but one straight out of the imagination of a Daily Mail reader. For behind the fashions and fads, the hippie Underground movement in the UK was responsible for the greatest expansion of interest and belief in fortean phenomena in the last few centuries

The pelican writes9

Gareth J. MEDWAYA Man Who Would be King
The Fortean Times recently (September 2004) noted the death of Pierre Plantard, also known as Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair, Count of Saint-Clair and Count of Rhedae, one time Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, who had passed on in 2000. The FT remarked that he was "either an incredibly important man or a huge dreamer and practical joker''. Also 'The facts about his life are so muddled (probably deliberately) that no one can say with any certainty who or what he was", but here is a brief attempt to describe his life and influence

25 Years Ago17

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