Editor: John RIMMER

Contemporary Vision and Belief

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Issue:N. 95 May
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Editorial Notes
A Very British Ufology 2+16

Curtis PEEBLESThe Roswell Incident YF110 and Constant Peg
What the U.S. Air Force did with two dozen "Unknown Aerial Vehicles"

Matt GRAEBERThe Transformation of Ufology 8-13

The pelican writes14

Peter ROGERSONNorthern echoes15

Book Reviews
Peter ROGERSONDeborah Blum. Ghost Hunters: William James and the search for scientific proof of life after death. Century, 200717
Peter ROGERSONWilliam Kalush and Larry Sloman. The Secret Life of Houdini: the making of America's first superhero. Atria Books, 200617-18
Peter ROGERSONCraig R Myers. War of the Words: the tru but strange story of the Gulf Breeze UFO. Xlibris, 2006.18
Peter ROGERSONElizabeth Lloyd Mayer. Extraordinary Knowing: science, skepticism and the inexplicable powers of the human mind. Bantam Books, 200718
Peter ROGERSONSam Stall. Suburban Legends: true tales of murder, mayhem and the minivans. Quirk Books, 200618
Peter ROGERSONJeremy Northcote. The Paranormal and the Politics of Truth: a sociological account. Imprint Academic, 200718-19
Peter ROGERSONRob lrving with John Lundberg, edited by Mark Pilkington. The Field Guide: the art, history and philosophy of crop circle making. Strange Attractor Press, 200619
Peter ROGERSONRichard Morris. Harry Price: The Psychic Detective. Sutton, 2006. Jonathan Betts. Time Restored: the Harrison timekeepers and R. T. Gould, the man who knew (almost) everything. Oxford University Press/National Maritime Museum, 2006.19-20