International UFO Reporter
Editor: Jerome CLARK, George M. EBERHART, Mark RODEGHIER
Magazine:International UFO Reporter

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Issue:Volume 31 number 1 January
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Robert HASTINGSA shot across the bow: Another look at the Big Sur incident 3-11+20
International UFO Reporter Volume 31 number 3 Ocober/2007 - Questions on Big Sur
International UFO Reporter Volume 31 number 4 March/2008 - Answers on Big Sur

Ann DRUFFELSanta Catalina Channel cloud cigars 12-16+24

Michael D. SWORDSDavid Griggs and the foo fighters 17-24

Mark RODEGHIERImage resolution of the optical system at big sur 20

French UFO archives 24

Gildas BOURDAISHunt for the Skinwalker: New challenge for the ETH? 25-31 31

Williamson and Adamski31
International UFO Reporter Vol. 30 N. 4 August/2006 - Strange days [Swords, Michael D.]

Mark RODEGHIERMedia take notice when media take notice: UFO seen over O'hare airport 32