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Marcel Delaval, 1945 age 79 years

Immagine non disponibile3
Letters to the Editors: A Researcher Write (Mail) pp.341-342
VOL. III N. 1 1979
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945)
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Immagine non disponibile3
Marcel DELAVAL, Précisions p.35
Lumières dans la nuit
Année 24 N. 204 Avril 1981
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945)
no imageno image no image
Image not available
Authors: Jean BOURDON, Marcel DELAVAL, Fionn MURTAGH
Serie:Upiar Monograph
Publisher: UPIAR, Torino 1986
Name: Bourdon, Jean ; Delaval, Marcel (1945) ; Murtagh, Fionn
no imageno image
Immagine non disponibile3
Marcel DELAVAL, UFOs and IFOs: a Comparative Study. The 1977 Italian Sightings pp.1-2
Italian UFO Reporter
N. 3 December 1986
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945)
no imageno image no image
Immagine non disponibile3

UFO - Rivista di informazione ufologica
Anno I N. 2 Dicembre 1986
Editor: Giovanni SETTIMO
CISU, Torino
Name: Carione, Guido ; Chiumiento, Antonio (1949) ; Delaval, Marcel (1945) ; Fasolo, Francesco ; Favero, Gianni (1950 - 2022) ; Fiorino, Paolo (1957) ; Grassino, Gian Paolo (1960) ; Russo, Edoardo (1959) ; Russolillo, Giorgio (1956 - 2014) ; Scornaux, Jacques (1946) ; Tambellini, Moreno (1958) ; Verga, Maurizio (1963)
no imageno imageno image no image
Immagine non disponibile3
J. BOURDON, M., Murtagh, F. DELAVAL, Etude: Etude comprative OVI-OVNI pp.19w21+23
OVNI Présence
N. 41 Mars 1989
Name: Bourdon, Jean ; Delaval, Marcel (1945) ; Murtagh, Fionn
no imageno imageno image
Image not available
Authors: Jean BOURDON, Marcel DELAVAL
Serie:Upiar Monograph
Publisher: UPIAR, Torino 1990
Name: Bourdon, Jean ; Delaval, Marcel (1945)
no imageno image
Immagine non disponibile3
Marcel DELAVAL, Riflessioni: La forza di un mito pp.37-40 (UFO 1947-1997: FIFTY YEARS OF FLYING SAUCERS /1997 The force of a Myth)
UFO Forum
N. 9 Febbraio 1998
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945) ; Natoli, Paolo ; Verdi, Giuseppe
no imageno image no image
Immagine non disponibile3
Marcel DELAVAL, III. On Witness Testimony: UFO Myth Propagation Before the Arrival of Social Networks p.440
Authors: Vicente-Juan BALLESTER OLMOS, Richard W. HEIDEN
Title: The Reliability of UFO Witness Testimony Color Edition
Publisher: UPIAR, Torino 2023
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945) ; Abrassart, Jean-Michel (1976) ; Albright, Thomas D. ; Ares De Blas, Félix (1947) ; Badfield Douglass, Amy ; Ballester Olmos, Vicente-Juan (1948) ; Berché Cruz, Carles ; Borraz Aymerich, Manuel (1961) ; Bullard, Thomas Eddie (1949) ; Callahan, Tim ; Campo Pérez, Ricardo (1965) ; Carlson, James T. ; Conesa-Sevilla, Jorge ; da Silva, Luiz Augusto L. ; Das, Surabhi ; Dodier, Oliver ; Dumerchat, Frédéric (1954) ; Forrest, David ; French, Christopher ; García Cabria, Ignacio (1955) ; Guasp, Miguel (1953) ; Haines, Richard F. (1937) ; Heiden, Richard W. ; Huston, Peter ; Ickinger, Jochen (1961) ; Kelley, Stephanie M. ; Keul, Alexander G. (1954) ; Krippner, Stanley C. ; Lansley, Hélène ; Leduc, Marc (1947) ; Magin, Ulrich (1962) ; Maillot, Eric (1959) ; Martins, Leonardo B. ; Maugé, Claude (1946) ; Mavrakis, Daniel (1960) ; Meena, Subhash ; Myers, Craig R. ; Newman, Leonard S. ; Nickell, Joe (1944) ; Noll, Richard ; Oberg, James E. (1944) ; Palmer, Susan J. (1946) ; Passot, Xavier ; Peiniger, Hans-Werner (1957) ; Plaza del Olmos, Julio ; Posner, Gary P. ; Printy, Tim (1959) ; Rabeyron, Thomas ; Raduga, Michael ; Reis, Carlos ; Robé, Raoul (1958) ; Rospars, Jean-Pierre (1948) ; Ruesga Montiel, Josè (1947) ; Scribner, Scott R. ; Sharps, Matthew J. ; Suenaga, Cláudio Tsuyoshi ; Van Utrecht, Wim (1959) ; Watson, Nigel (1954) ; Wheeler, Gregory J. ; White, Luise ; Young, Robert R. (1944)
no imageno imageno image no image

Image not available UFO PHENOMENA
an international annual review devoted to the scientific study of ufo phenomena
VOL. III N. 1 1979
Editecs, Bologna

Editor: Roberto FARABONE
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945)


Scope and purpose 8

Instructions to Authors 8-12

Acknowledgments 12

E. J. BETINISOn the chance of witnessing celestial or aerial events15-29
Abstract: The chances of witnessing celestial or anomalous aerial events are derived by considering the volume of sky available primarily to the ground-based observer as compared to the entire earth's atmosphere at a height of about 15 kilometers. The fraction of time spent observing compared to a twenty-four hour day and the fraction of volume of sky for observing are also used. Aircraft pilots' and astronomers' chances are also given some consideration. The results are applied to the chances of detecting meteors and anomalous aerial events. The conclusions indicate that the chance of witnessing an anomalous event (UFO) is extremely low and even improbable. Thus reconciliation with data gathered on reports of witnessing anomalous events implies a 'selectivity'. A further conclusion is that the presence of a few fast-moving anomalies could account for the global scale of the reports of anomalous aerial phenomena.
B. S. MACCABEEAnomalous lights in the daylight sky31-67
Abstract: Several observers, one of them a technical competent employee of a military installation, observed two very bright lights or luminous objects in a clear, midday, summer sky. The lights were observed to remain apparently stationary and also to approach and recede along different trajectories. The duration of the observation was from three to five minutes. Despite an intensive investigation the objects remain unidentified.

W. SMITH, M. GUASP, V. J. BALLESTER OLMOSDramatic chase in Spain71-85
Abstract: A family of five, returning home at night by back roads, was followed by a bright light which chased the car persistently over a distance of about 40 Km for almost an hour. When approaching the village of Cheste (near Valencia, Spain), the UFO, now at a close range, moved ahead and above the car, and extended legs. The incident was terminated by the approach of another vehicle, moving in the opposite direction on that usually deserted road. One of the witnesses (age 15) was violently ill during the incident, and indisposed for some time afterwards. Damage to the battery of the automobile was attributed to the incident, and it had to be replaced the following day.
E. BERGER1954/55 The Austrian share87-134
Abstract: Masses of UFO experiences were reported at Austria in the 1954/55 period 99 of which remained unidentified. The hard core of the material consists of gendarmerie/police reports collected by the Austrian government and for the first time released to Ernst Berger in 1973. 28 case histories, the most interesting part of the material, are presented in detail. By means of a full statistical analysis methodically equal to an earlier study by BERGER on 1972-77 Austrian report patterns structures of the 1954/55 flap are extracted and compared with the results of VALLEE, BERGER and others.

The "CE III"
J. SCORNAUXConsiderations on the nature of humanoids137-176
Abstract: The nature of humanoids reported by UFO witnesses remains very controversial. Their existence as intelligent extraterrestrial beings meets very much reticence in the human mind. There is undoubtedly a mental block caused by fear, but there are also more elaborated arguments. The resemblance between Man and humanoids is one of these, but the question of the resemblance that other intelligent beings may bear to us remains very open among biologists. I do not think that human imagination can explain the appearance of humanoids. In general, they resemble us both too much and too little. An argument against the material nature of the humanoids is that their morphology is far too variable from one case to another. Several answers are possible to this objection. But a more fundamental argument is based on the instant or on the spot disappearance of humanoids. I now give a few examples of this behaviour, both in the open air and in confined spaces. I propose the explanation that these cases are projections of images, created either by electromagnetic waves or by some parapsychological means. But all the ufonauts are not images, or perhaps only a part of the observation corresponds to a projection because some of them left footprints or had physical contact with the witnesses. I also give a few examples of such cases. I present several hypotheses about the nature of material humanoids and discuss the concept of a 'reassuring' hypothesis. I propose foe discussion the hypothesis that part of the humanoids might be human beings captured by the beings governing the UFO phenomenon.

L. R. SPRINKLEUsing pendulum technique in the investigation of UFO experiences179-218
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to provide information about technique for uncovering subconscious memories, so that UFO field investigators may consider the technique for possible use in investigations. The pendulum technique is described, with references to historical development and contemporary usage. Procedures are presented for learning the use of the pendulum technique, including illustrations to guide the interested reader. A brief review is presented of the literature on field investigation of UFO experiences; an emphasis is given to the reports of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE III), including reports of 'loss of time', or partial amnesia, which may occur during UFO sightings. Results of using the pendulum technique are described in two UFO cases: one case obtained preliminary information about a possible 'loss of time' experience during a UFO sighting; the second case obtained preliminary information about a possible 'hidden' UFO experience. The UFO cases are presented as examples for preliminary investigation of the CE III experiences. When field investigators obtain information about CE III cases, they are encouraged to consider possible arrangements for a consultant in hypnosis to assist UFO witnesses in exploring and evaluating their subconscious memories of their UFO experiences.
A. H. LAWSONHypnosis of imaginary UFO "abductees"219-258
(Italian translation Documenti UFO Monografie vol. 3 /1984 Ipnosi di rapiti UFO immaginari, pp. 22-72)
Abstract: In an attempt to evaluate objectively the claims of UFO 'abductees', imaginary abductions were induced hypnotically in a group of volunteers who had non significant knowledge of UFOs. Eight situational questions comprising the major components of a typical abduction account were asked of each subject. Although the researchers expected major dissimilarities, an averaged comparison of data from four imaginary and four 'real' abduction narratives showed no substantive differences. Also, extensive patterns echoing well-established details from 'real' UFO reports emerged from the 'naive' subjects' imaginary sessions. There is as yet no satisfactory explanation for the patterns and other similarities between imaginary and 'real' abductions. But, more significantly, there are parallels between these patterns and the 'image constants' or recurrent descriptions of forms, color, and movement reported by subjects in drug-induced hallucination experiments, and in so-called 'death' narratives, among other mental processes. Thus there is reason to accept at least some parts of 'real' abductees' stories as accurate reflections of what their sensory mechanisms have reported. However, despite the many similarities, there are crucial differences - such as alleged physical effects and multiple witnesses - which argue that UFO abductions are separate and distinct from imaginary and hallucinatory experiences. With these distinctions in mind, an abduction model is proposed: Witnesses really perceive images - from whatever source - such as bright and pulsating lights, lattice-textured forms moving randomly in the sky, lighted tunnels, humanoid figures, etc. These abduction constants are combined with data from the imagination, memory, and existing UFO data known by witnesses to create a 'real' UFO encounter. The subjective reality of the intense hallucinatory structure convinces the witnesses that the entire experience is a physically real event. Subsequently they may report the 'truth' as they have experienced it, although actual occurrences remain unclear. The complexities of the UFO phenomenon are affirmed by the above model since still unexplained are many puzzling matters, including the greatest mystery of all, the nature of the stimulus which initiates the imagery in the witness and so triggers the abduction sequence. The writer prefers a dualistic UFO hypothesis. But while there is a continuing absence of unambiguous physical evidence, this study concludes that UFOs are - in psychological terms - unquestionably real, and further, that non-physical UFO research is promising.
R. F. HAINESUFO drawings by witnesses and non witnesses: is there somethings in common (part II)259-271
Abstract: Previously, the author found that no readily discernable differences could be found between drawings of 'what a UFO looks like' by people who claims to have seen one from others who claim never to have seen one (Haines, 1977). Since this finding may have resulted simply from the relatively small sample size (136 valid drawings) further tests were administered. The mean results of 458 more valid drawings are presented here. The results may be summarized by pointing out that the 'Have' seen group drew (1) a higher percentage of valid i.e., not ludicrous drawings, (2) a higher percentage of UFO shapes at some angle relative to the edge of the (drawing) card, (3) a higher percentage of two or more shapes on the card, (4) a lower percentage of shapes in side or isometric view, and (5) a lower percentage of symmetrical drawings. Neither the mean width-to-height ratio of the UFO outline shape or its dome (if drawn) differed between the two participant groups. Also, the other major UFO outline and dome measurements were not drawn differently by either group. Finally, and perhaps more significantly, the 'Have' seen group drew a smaller number of miscellaneous details such as apertures (Windows?), markings, wavy lines around the shape, etc. These findings are compared to those obtained in the previous study and discussed in terms of the perceptual impact the UFO encounter appears to have on one's willingness and/or ability to reproduce a UFO shape.
C. RIFATA theoretical framework for the problem of non-contact between and advanced extra-terrestrial civilization and mankind: symbolic sequential communication versus non-symbolic non-sequential communication273-288
Abstract: A general set of ideas is proposed to suggest that advanced extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) might, probably, never be interested in communicating with such a primitive species as ours. According to the author, symbolic sequential language is the most primitive kind of language intelligent beings may use. Advanced intelligences may better communicate via a non-symbolic non-sequential language, which is able to convey much more bits of information per unit of time at a low cost of distortion, thus nearly eliminating the problem of cloudy symbolic concepts which is so huge a factor of noise in human communication. What is most interesting is that we may well be in presence of a terrestrial species having evolved a more advanced mode of communication: the dolphin!

I. GRATTAN-GUINNESSAre UFO psychic phenomena?291-304
Abstract: Students of UFO phenomena nowadays mostly regard their work as a branch of psychical research. In this paper I explore the possibilities of connections and similarities between UFO and psychic phenomena.

M. PITTELLAA statistical survey among Italian astronomical observatory307-314
Abstract: This statistical survey was performed between the years 1977 and 1978, among the most important 14 astronomical and astrophysical observatories in Italy. It had the purpose to probe the opinion of a major slice of the Italian scientific community about the UFO subject and to know whether the staff of some observatories had directly sighted some UFO phenomena. This informative test did not supply us with new and unexpected information. However it is a clear document emphasizing the mediocre standard of information and sensibility of the scientific environment upon the UFO question. Such an investigation, if addressed to other scientific circles too and regularly repeated, could be a suitable way to assess time to time possible developments of the scientific opinion about the UFO subject.
R. FARABONE, F. IZZO, R. CABASSIOfficial data request in Italy315-319

David M. JACOBSState of Art 325

Symposia and Meetings
Richard F. HAINES1978 BUFORA Conference325-328
Vicente-Juan BALLESTER OLMOSRecent developments in Spanish ufology328-331

Read in Literature
Francesco IZZOSocial Intelligence About Anomalies332-333
Roberto FARABONELogique et Recherche Ufologique334-336
Lumières dans la nuit Année 21 N. 180 Décembre/1978 - Logique et recherche ufologique [Viéroudy, Pierre]

Book Reviews
Ron WESTRUMCes OVNIs Qui Annoncent le Surhomme336-338

In Short
Francesco IZZOAbout OVNIs: El Fenomeno Aterrizaje339

Books and Journals Received 340

Letters to the Editors
A Researcher Write341-342
Ball lightning342
Richard F. HAINESAbout UFO Drawings342-344
On Hypotheses344-345

Image not available Lumières dans la nuit
Mystérieux objets célestes et problèmes connexes
Année 24 N. 204 Avril 1981
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945)

François MUMMYNouvelles rencontres d'humanoïdes ... une information qui nous vient de Chine ... 3-8

Jean BASTIDE"Assiettes volantes" ou les ovni en Russie: à l'Est du nouveau? 9-20

Nos Activités20+30

Philippe CAQUETEn Norvège 21+22

Henri JULIENPhénomène lumineux au-dessus de l'Esterel (Var) 22-24+25

Huguette GINALHACAurillac (Cantal) 25+26

Didier BRIÈRE, Jean-Marie CREVELA Fourmetot (Eure) 26-27+28

J.-P. BAILLY-MAITRECesson-la-Forêt (Seine-et-Marne) 28-30

Dominique DE TARRAGONLes anges sont-ils des extra-terrestres?
(en réponse à M. Marquis: "Des extra-terrestres dans la Bible?", L.D.L.N. 200)
Lumières dans la nuit Année 23 N. 200 Décembre/1980 - Des Extra-Terrestres dans la Bible? [Marquis, Réginald]

D'un livre â l'autre
Lumières dans la nuit Année 24 N. 206 Juin-juillet/1981 - Erratum

Michel FIGUETUne nouvelle façon d'apprendre par l'image,sans larmes, en s'amusant 33

Lumières dans la nuit Année 24 N. 201 Janvier/1981 - Retour sul l'affaire de Valensole [Guérin, Pierre]

Gérard FIEFFEPrécisions35
Lumières dans la nuit Année 24 N. 202 Février/1981 - Un curieux Phénomène [Fieffe, Gérard]
Marcel DELAVAL35
Lumières dans la nuit Année 24 N. 201 Janvier/1981 - Un atterrissage en Italie avec effects électro-magnétiques et deu etres [Verga, Maurizio]

Image not availableAuthors: Jean BOURDON, Marcel DELAVAL, Fionn MURTAGH
Publisher: UPIAR, Torino
Serie: Upiar Monograph
Year: 1986
Pages: 48
Name: Bourdon, Jean; Delaval, Marcel (1945); Murtagh, Fionn
Image not available Italian UFO Reporter
Newsletter of the Italian Center for UFO Studies
N. 3 December 1986
Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici, Torino
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945)

Marcel DELAVALUFOs and IFOs: a Comparative Study
The 1977 Italian Sightings

Paolo FIORINOStrange Beings at Rudiano
A Flap wnd Humanoids near Bredcia

Maurizio VERGAComputers & UFOs
The Applications of Informatics to Ufology

Gian Paolo GRASSINOFlap in Piemonte
The Sightings of September 15, 1985

1986 Cases Histories 8-9

Gianni FAVEROUFOs in the U.S.S.R.
Late News from our Special Correspondent

Who's Who in Italian Ufology 10

Image not available UFO - Rivista di informazione ufologica

Anno I N. 2 Dicembre 1986
CISU, Torino

Editor: Gianni V. SETTIMO
Name: Carione, Guido; Chiumiento, Antonio (1949); Delaval, Marcel (1945); Fasolo, Francesco; Favero, Gianni (1950 - 2022); Fiorino, Paolo (1957); Grassino, Gian Paolo (1960); Russo, Edoardo (1959); Russolillo, Giorgio (1956 - 2014); Scornaux, Jacques (1946); Tambellini, Moreno (1958); Verga, Maurizio (1963)

In questo numeroii

Marcel DELAVALUFO e IFO: uno studio comparativo
Gli avvistamenti italiani del 1977

Paolo FIORINOGli strani esseri di Rudiano
Flap con umanoidi nel bresciano
I "mostri pelosi" in Italia9
(French translation Lumières dans la nuit Année 32 N. 295 Janvier-Févier/1989 Monstres poilus en Italie, pp. 28-29)

Maurizio VERGAComputer e UFO
Le applicazioni ufologiche dell'informatica
La situazione Italiana12-13

Gian Paolo GRASSINO"Flap" in Piemonte
Gli avvistamenti del 15 settembre 1985

UFO e palloni-sonda 22

Jacques SCORNAUXLe radici e i limiti del dubbio
L'affermarsi della teoria socio-psicologica nell'ufologia francese
(From: MAGONIA N. 15 April/1984 The Rising and the Limits of a Doubt, pp. 3-6 )
(Reprint GLI UFO Ai confini della realtà /1997 Uno studio scientifico LE RADICI E I LIMITI DEL DUBBIO L'affermarsi della teoria psico-sociologica nell'ufologia francese.)

La casistica 1986 - Le ricostruzioni degli avvistamenti recenti
Edoardo RUSSO, Gian Paolo GRASSINOTriangolo luminoso a Viverone28
Francesco FASOLOUFO in cielo e in mare29
Moreno TAMBELLINIL'auto "impazzita"29
Giorgio RUSSOLILLO, Guido CARIONECarosello di luci nel cielo salernitano29-30

Antonio CHIUMIENTOUFO a Fiumicino? 30-31

Le ultime notizie dal nostro inviato speciale

Image not available OVNI Présence

N. 41 Mars 1989

Editor: Perry PETRAKIS
Name: Bourdon, Jean; Delaval, Marcel (1945); Murtagh, Fionn

Y. B.Sonderfall Schweiz et chaînon manquant3

Clips and claps
La guerre des mondes (1)3
La guerre des mondes (2)3

B. M.Apparitions mariales à Giubiasco?

En couverture
Bruno MANCUSIFlying Swisser
Le sondage Link/Ovni-Présence: une grande première en Suisse
Le sondage en bref7

Jacques SCORNAUXUn monument à visiter
La Bibliographie Ufologique de George M. Eberhart
Review: George M. EBERHART,UFOs AND THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL MOVEMENT: A BIBLIOGRAPHY - Volume One: Unidentified Flying Objects - 1986, George M. EBERHART,UFOs AND THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL MOVEMENT: A BIBLIOGRAPHY - Volume Two: The Extraterrestrial Contact Movement - 1986
Jean SIDERLe grand carnage11-12
Review: Michel GRANGER,LE GRAND CARNAGE - 1986
Frédéric DUMERCHATLe monde étrange de Jimmy Guieu12-13
Review: Jimmy GUIEU,LA FORCE NOIRE - 1987
Bruno MANCUSILes années-Meier13-15
Review: Gary KINDER,LIGHT YEARS - An Investigation into Extraterrestrial Experie nces of Eduard Meier - 1987
B. M.Le "revival" de Meier14
B. M.Un coup de fil, c'est si facile15
Yves BOSSONLa Recherche de l'absolu, bis15-16
Claude MAUGÉObjets Volants Non Identifiables
Les dernières énigmes de l'univers
Yves BOSSONGens de France47
Review: Jean TEULE,GENS DE FRANCE - 1988

Perry PETRAKISTout a une fin
Le GEPAN s'éclipse sur la pointe des pieds

Clips and claps
Capri, c'est fini18
La guerre des mondes (III)18
Y. B.Phonique connection18
R. M.Chrétien et les hommes verts18

B. M.Congrès de Bruxelles
Lo choc entre les ufologies européenne et américaine

J. BOURDON, M., Murtagh, F. DELAVALEtude comprative OVI-OVNI19w21+23
Méthode d'identification et de filtrage21

Conte anniversaire
Jean-louis BRODU50 ans après Orson Welles
La revanche des Martiens

Wanted! 22

Clips and claps
Boule a facéties23
Y. B.Rael mouvementé23
Y. B.Necro23
Meteo celeste18
Bretagne, puissace 318

La chronique des OVI
Vicente-Juan BALLESTER OLMOSFaux ovnis sur Madrid24
(Translated by Gilles BARRES)

Clips and claps
B. M.RR4 al sugo25
B. M.L'express de Palerme25
Ciel, les p'tits gris!25
A diffuser25
OVNI: le grande cirque25
B. M.Tell quel et les ovnis25

Le petit martien dechainé
Perry PETRAKISRendons à Brochard...26

Image not availableAuthors: Jean BOURDON, Marcel DELAVAL
Publisher: UPIAR, Torino
Serie: Upiar Monograph
Year: 1990
Pages: 52
Name: Bourdon, Jean; Delaval, Marcel (1945)
Image not available UFO Forum
A cura del Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici
N. 9 Febbraio 1998
CISU, Torino

Editor: Giuseppe VERDI
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945); Natoli, Paolo; Verdi, Giuseppe

Giuseppe VERDICome cambia "UFO Forum"3

Un passo indietro
Marco ORLANDIUndici risposte prima del congedo4-6

In primo piano
Roberto FARABONELa "Portofino" ufologica7-11

Opinioni a confronto
Roberto FARABONERoberto Farabone e le undici "domande calde"12-13
Massimo VALLOSCUROMassimo Valloscuro: altruismo, non pigrizia14
Nico SGARLATONico Sgarlato: rispondo a Marco Orlando14-16
Nico SGARLATO...e anche ad Antonio Blanco16
David LOLLOBRIGIDADavid Lollobrigida: un collaboratore "da salotto"16-17

Jenny RANDLESCome (non) guadagnare un milione di sterline18-20
(From: International UFO Reporter Volume 22 number 2 Summer/1997 How Not to Make Million, pp. 13-14+20 Translated by Matteo LEONE)

Paolo TOSELLIAbductions: una falsa coerenza21-24

G.V."Sondaggio" bibliografico al capolinea 24

Ufologia telematica
UFO, Scienza, pubblico ipnosi e... terremoti!
Gli scienziati e gli UFO25
Edoardo RUSSOMeglio poco che niente...25-26
Massimiliano GRANDIUn punto di vista "filosofico"26-27
Massimiliano GRANDIIl pessimismo di Massimiliano Grandi27
Michele MORONIQuale opinione pubblica?27-28
Goffredo PIERPAOLIPessimismo moderato28
Massimiliano GRANDIMassimiliano Grandi a ruota libera28-29
Michele COLETTIIl panico da terremoti trova i suoi untori29
Sindrome del falso ricordo e rapimenti alieni29

I primordi
Giuseppe STILOLe prime foto italiane dei "dischi volanti"31-36
Giuseppe STILOPer un corretto approccio all'operazione origini32-33

Marcel DELAVALLa forza di un mito37-40
(From: UFO 1947-1997: FIFTY YEARS OF FLYING SAUCERS /1997 The force of a Myth Translated by Paolo NATOLI)

La pagina bianca
Alessandro LUCCIl'ufologia nell'era dell'informazione41

Massimiliano GRANDII titoli immaginari: l'esempio degli ufologi42

Image not availableAuthors: Vicente-Juan BALLESTER OLMOS, Richard W. HEIDEN
Title: The Reliability of UFO Witness Testimony
Color Edition

Editor: Vicente-juan BALLESTER OLMOS, Richard W. HEIDEN
ISBN13: 979-12-8144-100-2
Publisher: UPIAR, Torino
Year: 2023
Pages: 711
Name: Delaval, Marcel (1945); Abrassart, Jean-Michel (1976); Albright, Thomas D.; Ares De Blas, Félix (1947); Badfield Douglass, Amy; Ballester Olmos, Vicente-Juan (1948); Berché Cruz, Carles; Borraz Aymerich, Manuel (1961); Bullard, Thomas Eddie (1949); Callahan, Tim; Campo Pérez, Ricardo (1965); Carlson, James T.; Conesa-Sevilla, Jorge; da Silva, Luiz Augusto L.; Das, Surabhi; Dodier, Oliver; Dumerchat, Frédéric (1954); Forrest, David; French, Christopher; García Cabria, Ignacio (1955); Guasp, Miguel (1953); Haines, Richard F. (1937); Heiden, Richard W. ; Huston, Peter; Ickinger, Jochen (1961); Kelley, Stephanie M.; Keul, Alexander G. (1954); Krippner, Stanley C.; Lansley, Hélène; Leduc, Marc (1947); Magin, Ulrich (1962); Maillot, Eric (1959); Martins, Leonardo B.; Maugé, Claude (1946); Mavrakis, Daniel (1960); Meena, Subhash; Myers, Craig R.; Newman, Leonard S.; Nickell, Joe (1944); Noll, Richard; Oberg, James E. (1944); Palmer, Susan J. (1946); Passot, Xavier; Peiniger, Hans-Werner (1957); Plaza del Olmos, Julio; Posner, Gary P.; Printy, Tim (1959); Rabeyron, Thomas; Raduga, Michael; Reis, Carlos; Robé, Raoul (1958); Rospars, Jean-Pierre (1948); Ruesga Montiel, Josè (1947); Scribner, Scott R.; Sharps, Matthew J.; Suenaga, Cláudio Tsuyoshi; Van Utrecht, Wim (1959); Watson, Nigel (1954); Wheeler, Gregory J.; White, Luise; Young, Robert R. (1944)

Vicente-Juan BALLESTER OLMOS, Richard W. HEIDENIntroduction 9-18

Leonard S. NEWMANForeword 19-22

I. Case Studies
Vicente-Juan BALLESTER OLMOSMemory Games: A False Recall Episode
Abstract: The event under study appears to be of an exceptional nature. Though initially undefined by the witness, it was later purported to correlate with a more than modest UFO sighting that occurred in the middle of the Spanish summer and that remained unexplained due to lack of information. Subsequent telephone and e-mail interviews with the witness over the years revealed astonishing new sighting data. A press search yielded an unexpected solution to one part of the witness’s account. Analysis of the narrative suggests that the event is consistent with a false memory incident.
Tim CALLAHANThe Phoenix Lights: The Fallibility of Human Perception and Memory
Abstract: : The Phoenix Lights, which appeared in the night sky in Phoenix, Arizona on March 13, 1997 were perceived by several onlookers as the leading edge of a large V-shaped flying craft, which flew directly over their heads. The witnesses described the unlit portion of this UFO as obscuring the stars above it as it passed, slowly and silently. These witnesses were, for the most part, reputable and they were not suffering from any delusions; nor were they suffering from sleep paralysis or any other temporary psychological disruption of either their cognitive or perceptual abilities. However, videos taken of the lights show them appearing one at a time, hovering close to the western horizon in a ragged line, then winking out one by one. Research carried out by psychologist Elizabeth Loftus, as well as by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simmons, among others, demonstrates the subjectivity of both perception and memory. Shared experiences of an unusual event are often transformed into a coherent dramatic narrative. Despite admission on the part of the United States Air Force that the lights were military flares dropped by parachute and the disconfirming videos taken in 1997, belief that the Phoenix Lights were the leading edge of a huge UFO remains strong 25 years after the incident.
James T. CARLSONMissile Flights and Fantasies
Abstract: Discusses the numerous disconnects between very consistent witness confirmations alleged by a single individual and the very inconsistent claims presented by that individual over an extended period of time. The case study involves an incident in which UFOs reportedly interfered with the status of nuclear missiles within multiple silos and squadrons at Malmstrom AFB in the State of Montana, United States of America. These differences later proved to be the key factor proving the falsity of the claims, because they ultimately provided sufficient cause to interview all of the witnesses separately — a resolution that was impossible to assert when the case was first described due to the anonymity of the witnesses discussed. Anonymity should always provoke doubt.
Peter HUSTONMeeting the Abductees: Betty Hill, Richard Price & Others
Alexander G. KEULInvestigating Ball Lightning Eyewitness Report
Eric MAILLOT, Jean-Michel ABRASSARTVery Close Encounter with a UAP in Levitation
Claude MAUGÉThe Raël Rael, UFO Contactee and the Last Prophet
Craig R. MYERSThe MUFON-ian Candidate: The Gulf Breeze UFO Case as Political Contest
Joe NICKELLThe Pascagoula Abduction: A Case of Hypnagogia?
James OBERGMisinterpretations of Fireball Swarms from Satellite Reentries
Susan J. PALMERWhen Testimony Becomes Testament: The Case of Raël, UFO Prophet, and the Question of Witness Reliability
Gary P. POSNERThe Legendary Cash-Landrum Case: Radiation Sickness from a Close Encounter?
Tim PRINTYThe Weinstein Catalog: Ufological Bullion or Fool's Gold?
Josè RUESGA MONTIELThe Changing Case of Próspera Muñoz: An Abduction Remembered Over 41 years?
Wim VAN UTRECHTLunar Terror in Poland: A Doctor's Dilemma
Nigel WATSONOn The Credibility of the Barney & Betty Hill Abduction Case
Robert R. YOUNGMetamorphosis: Claimed Witness Accounts of the Great Lakes Fireball Of December 9, 1965

II. Psychological Perspectives
Thomas D. ALBRIGHTOn Eyewitness Reports of Extraterrestrial Life241
Jorge CONESA-SEVILLAClose Encounters of the "Other" Kind: On the Psycology of "Alien Abdcutions"257
Oliver DODIERDissociation and Alien Abduction Allegation266
David FORRESTAlien Abduction: Takeaways275
Christopher C. FRENCHHypnotic Regression and False Memories283
Stanley C. KRIPPNERAliens, UFOs, and Personal Schemas295
Hélène LANSLEY, Thomas RABEYRONClinical Approach to UFO Sightings and Alien Abductions299
Claude MAUGÉManuel Jimenez and the Perception of UFOs: Hypotheses and Experiments313
Subhash MEENA, Surabhi DASCognition and Memory Distortion Behind UFO Testimonies331
Giulio PERROTTAClinical Evidence in the Italian Phenomenon of Alien Abduction339
Scott R. SCRIBNER, Gregory J. WHEELERFrom "I Witnessed..." to Established Hypothesis: UFO Cultures and Contexts355
Matthew J. SHARPSForensic Cognitive Science and the UFO Phenomenon368

III. On Witness Testimony
Manuel BORRAZ AYMERICHUFOs: The Role of Perceptual Illusions in the Endurance of an Empirical Myth387
Thomas E. BULLARDCalibrating the Instrument: How Reliable Is Eyewitness Testimony?402
Ricardo CAMPO PÉREZBizarre Accounts: Remarkable Missile Sightings from the Canary Islands in the 1970s419
Luiz Augusto L. DA SILVASome Considerations About the Behavior and Reliability of UAP Eyewitnesses433
Marcel DELAVALUFO Myth Propagation Before the Arrival of Social Networks440
Richard F. HAINESWitness Reliability: Accuracy - Reliability of Pilots - Personal Honor447
Jochen ICKINGERMemories Are not Documentaries: The Weakest Link in the Chain of UFO Evidence454
Ulrich MAGINThress Simple Tests of Eyewitness Reliability467
Daniel MAVRAKISReliability of UFO Witness Testimony in Extreme Close Encounters: "Abductees" and "Contactees"472
Richard NOLLSatanists, Aliens and Me488
Xavier PASSOTThe UFO Testimony Reliability from 2000 GEIPAN Reports497
Julio PLAZA DEL OLMOSData are Worth a Thousand Accounts504
Cláudio Tsuyoshi SUENAGAThe Objectivity of Witnesses and the Subjectivity of Testimonies513
Luise WHITEAliens Are Good to Talk With524

IV. Empirical Research
Carles BERCHÉ CRUZAlien Delusions: Some (Real) Clinical Cases531
Stephanie KELLEY-ROMANO, Amy BADFIELD DOUGLASSMemory Distortion in a Social Judgement: People who Report Contact with Aliens are More Susceptible537
Hans-werner PEINIGERIt Was as Large as the Full Moon551
Hans-Werner PEINIGERWhen a Fire Balloon Transforms in a UFO556
Michael RADUGABedtime Alien Abduction Stories: A Checklist to Detect its Dreaming Nature562
Raoul ROBÉFantasy Imagery and UFO Testimonies570
Jean-Pierre ROSPARSAbilities and Limitations of Eyewitnesses Assessed on Atmospheric Entries of Meteoroids and Artificial Satellites585

V. Anthropological Approach
Ignacio CABRIAInside a Spaceship: Cognitive and Social Adpects of an Alien Contact605
Frédéric DUMERCHATAlien Big Cats and UFO Testimonies: Similarities and Questions615
Carlos REISBelief in Aliens and the Imaginary: A Transdisciplinary Approach632

VI. Metrics and Scaling
Vicente-juan BALLESTER OLMOS, Miguel GUASPMeasuring the Subjectivity of UFO Testimony651
Marc LEDUCThe Reliability of the UFO Sighting Story656

VII. Epistemological Issues
Félix ARES DE BLASOn The Fallacy of the Residue673
Leonardo B. MARTINSScientific Case Studies: Research Guidelines for Dealing with the Lack of Reliability of UDO/UAP Testimonies681