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On this site, you will find a list of books and magazines about UFOs and related subjects that are part of my collection.

For each book and magazine, publication details and cover images are provided. For many books and magazines, the table of contents is also included. If a digital version of the publication exists, a link to download it is provided. (Digital versions are NOT downloadable from the site).

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Mail Bag (Mail) p.32
Flying Saucer Review
Vol. 1 N. 4 September - October 1955
Name: Barnes, J. ; Jessup, Morris K. (1900 - 1959) ; Maney, Charles A. (1891 - 1966) ; Harriet, Richards ; McCoy, John
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John McCOY, 12 Years of flying saucers... what next? pp.16-17
Flying Saucer Review
Vol. 5 N. 3 May - June 1959
Name: McCoy, John
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Image not available Flying Saucer Review

Vol. 1 N. 4 September - October 1955
Flying Saucer Service Ltd, London

Editor: Derek D. DEMPSTER
Name: Barnes, J.; Jessup, Morris K. (1900 - 1959); Maney, Charles A. (1891 - 1966); Harriet, Richards; McCoy, John


Let's talk space
Test show cosmic ray are not harmful2
U.S. backs Canadian saucer plane2
Fleet over midlands3
Is Jupiter alive?3
Saucer in the Andes3
Russia prepares to launch satellite4
Postmaster sketches saucer4
U.S. jets scramble for U.F.O.4-5
As big a jet - with windows5
Landed disch entered in Argentine5
The review in America5

Spaceman lands in Norway? 6-7
(Reprint Flying Saucer Review Vol. 34 N. 2 June Quarter/1989 Spaceman lands in Norway?, pp. 2-3)

Earl NELSONWhat? Whence? Why? 8-11

Max B. MILLERA New trend in Space Traverl 12-15

Denis MONTGOMERYA New Pattern of Behaviour 15

W, J. BROWNFlying Saucers and Politic 16-17

W. SCHROEDERCurrent events in the Heavens 18-21

Meade LAYNE"MAT and DEMAT" etheric aspects of U.F.O. 22-23

Georges GAUTHIERA Russian scientist talks about U.F.O.s...24-25
... And Desmond Leslie slams him25

D.D.D.Mysteries of Science, by John Rowland26
B. le. P.T.The Case for the U.F.O.26
Review: Morris K. JESSUP,THE CASE FOR THE UFO - Unidentified Flying Objects - 1955
D.D.D.The Imprisoned Spendour, by Raynor C. Johnson26

Build up Your Flying Saucer Library Free! 27-28

World Round-Up29-31

Mail Bag
Mail J. BARNES, Richards HARRIET, Morris K. JESSUP, Charles A. MANEY, John McCOY32

Image not available Flying Saucer Review
Incorporating Flying Saucer News
Vol. 5 N. 3 May - June 1959
Flying Saucer Service Ltd, London

Editor: Brinsley LE POER TRENCH
Name: McCoy, John

International UFO Observer Corps ii


Full dramatic account of most important sighting yet involving 6 airliners!
Flying Saucers Escort Airliner for 45 Minutes
35 passengers watch glowing ufos

UFOTO Flashback to 1947...and to 1954 3

Flying Saucers are Possible
U.S. Admiral

New mystery star Baffles Astronomers 4

Amazing Story of Scottish Landing 5

Yellow Disc over London Airport 5

Did Venusian Spaceship Hit Siberia
Ask Russian Scientist

Earth Man's Journey into Space...
U.S. Rocket follows Red one into Solar Orbit

U.S. Working on Manned Moon Rocket 6

Discoverer 1 no longer in orbit 6

Satellites and rockets in orbit 6

Britain will aim at Venus 6

Britain hopes test saucer 7

Otis T. Carr test flight 7

Avro saucer ready this May 7

Flying Barrel near Debut 7

U.S. Nuclear Explosion in Space 7

Wait until invited 7

Power from heat 7

World Round-Up
Oklahoma City Saucer Flap
Red & White UFO makes 180 degree turn
Red and White pear-shaped UFO over Mexico8
Glowing Cigar over Bermuda8
Blue flying object over Carinthia, Austria8
Big red ball over Montreal8
Rugby family and neighbours watch UFO for 1 hour9
Dome-shaped craft takes off from farmer's field9
Report of saucers landing in North Alaska and North Pole9
Aquamarine UFO over Israel9
And now square saucers!9

Charles H. GIBBS-SMITHVenus and the Nose-cone Light
A study in the Lunacy of Explainistics

Antonio RIBERAUFO waves follow a certain pattern 12-14

International Saucer contact week-end gers world support 15

Adamski tour details 15+31

John McCOY12 Years of flying saucers... what next? 16-17

Jacqueline MURRAYFlying Saucers and Atlantis 18-19

Peter E. NORRISSpace Pioneer
Was the founder of modern astronautical thought a Russian?

W. H. WATSONThe Significance of the Unidentified Deltas 22-24

DunkAnti-gravity 24+25

W. SCHROEDERFrom an Astronomer's Notebook 26-29

Panorama spotlights space events
Giant Rock Convention30
Tyneside Unidentified Flying Object Society30
Saucer Forum30
The Atlanteans30
Saucer Symposium in South Africa31

Selected Books

Mail Bag
U.O.C. Conferenceiii
Thank You Manchesteriii
Thank You Japaniii
And Thank You Denmarkiii

Late News
Earth and Back Satellite Attemptiv
Adamski Starts British Touriv
Six Watch Flying Saucer for 45 Minutesiv
Red Light in Sky Baffles Canadaiv
Chased by a a Flying Sauceriv