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On this site, you will find a list of books and magazines about UFOs and related subjects that are part of my collection.

For each book and magazine, publication details and cover images are provided. For many books and magazines, the table of contents is also included. If a digital version of the publication exists, a link to download it is provided. (Digital versions are NOT downloadable from the site).

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W. K. OLIVER, Strange lunar lights pp.12-13
Flying Saucer Review
Vol. 2 N. 4 July - August 1956
Name: Oliver, W. K.
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Image not available Flying Saucer Review

Vol. 2 N. 4 July - August 1956
Flying Saucer Service Ltd, London

Editor: Brinsley LE POER TRENCH
Name: Oliver, W. K.


News Report
UFO picture of 19562-4

The editorship 2

News Report
Cigars call on vicar4
Flying saucer exhibition4
New Canadian saucer club4
And one in Brazil4
Sticker barrage fired4-5
No one believed her5
Radar for radio telescope5
Interplanetary fiendship badge5
Saucers on Tv5

Ernesto THAYAHTBuild your own ufoscope for saucer detection 6-7

Cyril W. DAVSONThe essence of the primary physics
... author of the remarkable book "The Physics of the Primary State of Matter"

W. K. OLIVERStrange lunar lights 12-13

Report on first international saucer sighting day 14-17

Unanswered Questions
No. 1 ...... The Scoutmaster Case18
Kenneth FORDFirst Shop at the Edge of the Galaxy18

Arthur CONSTANCEThis Amazing Universe 19-22

World Round-Up23-27

Selected books
Reviewed by The Editor

Mail Bag
Constant Agreementm but...30
Aldwinckle Plastered30-31
Narrow Ruts and Blind Feet31
Chariots of Fire31
Conference Suggested31

News from down under 32