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On this site, you will find a list of books and magazines about UFOs and related subjects that are part of my collection.

For each book and magazine, publication details and cover images are provided. For many books and magazines, the table of contents is also included. If a digital version of the publication exists, a link to download it is provided. (Digital versions are NOT downloadable from the site).

Books and magazines are NOT for sale.

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Mail Bag: Fliugandi Diska (Mail) p.iii
Flying Saucer Review
Vol. 4 N. 1 January - February 1958
Name: Skulason, Skuli
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Image not available Flying Saucer Review
Incorporating Flying Saucer News
Vol. 4 N. 1 January - February 1958
Flying Saucer Service Ltd, London

Editor: Brinsley LE POER TRENCH
Name: Skulason, Skuli

International UFO Observer Corps ii


World-wide flying saucer report pour in on an unprecedented scale
Sputniks bring biggest saucer flap in history2
Jet unable to reach UFO2
200Ft. egg visits Texans2+3
Saucer over New Mexico stalls 10 car2
Speed of Light!2
Chicago police chase saucer3
Huge "sun" over atom test site3
Japan and Egypt too3
and a red hot ball3
Radar and visual sightings3
Astronomers see pink UFO3
Scientists hear and see mystery bleeps and UFO4
"Now you can scratch yours"4
Authority "explains"4
UFO tracked by searchlights4
Britain sees then again4
Two new space contacts
Mr. Schmidt meets six space visitors
Two new space contacts
Boy meets space-ship in cow pasture
14 scouts have brush with UFO5
Barbaric man5
Scientist says ships in space5

World Round-Up
UFO over British A-Bomber Base
Air Ministry Baffed
Saucer over guided missile centre6
Malay has its UFO6
School sends sighting report to Flying Saucer Review6
Cigar-shaped object over Japan7
Space ship over the rand7
World's largest oil jetty investigated7
Saucer views danish army manoeuvres7
Space ship landing report8
Unusual photo of UFO from Cyprus8
Round the World Index to sightings Report in this Issue8
Japanese I.F.S.S.D. pictures9
Strange happening over Derby9
Red football in the sky9

Seen by sixty thousand witmesses!

W. SCHROEDEROnce the problem of atomic rocket motors has been solved, it will take...
Only 4 hours to reach the Moon

Unanswered Questions
No. 10... Was the Star of Bethlehem a space ship?14

Scrapbook for 1883 15

Dana HOWARDSeeking the saucer answer 16-17

A. R. HOLDENFlying Saucer Propulsion
A theory

Angel air 21

M. K. JESSUPAn open letter to Arthur Constance 22-23+25

Waveney GIRVANLecturing on Flying Saucers 24-25

Greta CARROLLThree space ships
... A wonderful sight

International literary competition result 26

George Hunt WILLIAMSONExclusive dispatch to "Flying Saucer Review"
Project Scroll
3. City of a Thousand roofs!

Panorama spotlights space events
Gravity Day, 195730-31
Lord Dowding31
Sensational German Claim31
A Message of Good Will31
Saucer Research Unlimited31
the UFO data sheet31
Portland Research Associates31

Selected Books

Mail Bag
Fliugandi Diskaiii
Flying Chandelieriii
What are the Flying Saucers?iii

Late News
Al bender Speaks!iv
Saucer Seen with Space Maniv
Amazing British Contact with Space Maniv