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On this site, you will find a list of books and magazines about UFOs and related subjects that are part of my collection.

For each book and magazine, publication details and cover images are provided. For many books and magazines, the table of contents is also included. If a digital version of the publication exists, a link to download it is provided. (Digital versions are NOT downloadable from the site).

Books and magazines are NOT for sale.

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Margaret STORM, Schmidt sues U.S. Government p.4
Flying Saucer Review
Vol. 4 N. 3 May - June 1958
Name: Storm, Margaret
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Image not available Flying Saucer Review
Incorporating Flying Saucer News
Vol. 4 N. 3 May - June 1958
Flying Saucer Service Ltd, London

Editor: Brinsley LE POER TRENCH
Name: Storm, Margaret

International UFO Observer Corps ii


Jose LEMOS FERREIRAAir Force Pilots Spend 40 Minutes with Saucers 2-3

Adamski 4

Margaret STORMSchmidt sues U.S. Government 4

Brazil say picture authentic 5

World Round-Up
Former Air Chief Sees Saucers
"Nothing can shake me from my belief in what I saw" - Air Marshal Sir George Jones
South oxhey sees them again6
College boys spot them6
The tin hat6
Flying Saucer over Iceland7
Saucers over Mill7

The People Who See "Flying Saucers" 8-9

Wilbert B. SMITHThe Philosophy of the Saucers 10-11

Charles A. MANEYA New Dimension in UFO Phenomena 12-15

Just to Remind You 15

Unanswered Questions - No. 12
Why have You not been officially told?
... And what You can do about it!17

Dino KRASPEDONWhy and How Planets Move 18-20

Dana HOWARDThe Drama Behind the Space Ships 21-23

Recent Contact and Landing Report
The mysterious visitor24
Giant Space Ship Lands in Brazil24
Another Brazilian Landing24+25

Scrapbook for 1885 25

Recent Contact and Landing Report
Reported Contact in North Devon25+iii

W. SCHROEDERFrom an Astronomer's Notebook 26-29

Panorama spotlights space events
Major Wayne S. Aho30
New British Saucer Group30
Change of Name and Address30
The "Ufologer"30
Jet Propulsion Laboratory has UFO Club30
Giant Rock Convention30-31
Seeing Further into Space31
The Moon and Space Medicine31
They are trying to build flying saucers31
Free Energy31

Selected Books
Brinsley LE POER TRENCHReview32

Mail Bag
Truth will Shine Forthiii

Recent Contact and Landing Report
Space Ship Lands by CaravanIii
They are Landing in Japan, tooIii

Late News
George Hunt Williamsoniv
Hundreds See Space Ship over Johannesburgiv
Proposed London Marchiv