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On this site, you will find a list of books and magazines about UFOs and related subjects that are part of my collection.

For each book and magazine, publication details and cover images are provided. For many books and magazines, the table of contents is also included. If a digital version of the publication exists, a link to download it is provided. (Digital versions are NOT downloadable from the site).

Books and magazines are NOT for sale.

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D. Peter MADDOCK, The EOU Classification Scheme for UFO Phenomena pp.7-10
BUFORA Journal
Volume 2 N. 8 Spring 1969
Name: Maddock, Peter
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International Catalogue of Type I UFO Reports: Comments on the Catalogue pp.20-22
Vol. 6 N. 1 July 1973
Name: Maddock, Peter ; Ballester Olmos, Vicente-Juan (1948) ; Watson, Nigel (1954) ; Rogerson, Peter (1951 - 2018) ; Sandell, Roger (1944 - 1996)
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Image not available BUFORA Journal
The BUFORA Journal and Bulletin
Volume 2 N. 8 Spring 1969
British UFO Research Association

Name: Maddock, Peter


Arthur SHUTTLEWOODBusy Easter UFO's Seen at Warminster 3-4

Fred O. GARDNERMy Point of View 5

Personal Column5

From BUFORA Headquarters 6-7

D. Peter MADDOCKThe EOU Classification Scheme for UFO Phenomena 7-10

Notes and Quotes
The Adamski Photographs12
The Interrupted Journty12
Nothing Like Precision!12
What Makes a UFO Tick?12

J.c-b.The Mystery of Earth's Vanishing Moon 12

Annual General Meeting 1969 13

Contact Section Proposals 13

J.c-b.Pennington and the 1897 U.S.A. Airship 14-15

Member Societies 16

For Your Diary 17

Many a Mickle Makes a Muckle 17

Image not available MUFOB
Merseyside UFO Bulletin
Vol. 6 N. 1 July 1973

Editor: John HARNEY, John RIMMER, Peter ROGERSON, Alan W. SHARP
Name: Maddock, Peter; Ballester Olmos, Vicente-Juan (1948); Watson, Nigel (1954); Rogerson, Peter (1951 - 2018); Sandell, Roger (1944 - 1996)

Archaeological Barmpots3

Alan W. SHARPUFO evidence in an American reservoir?
Alan W. Sharp take a critical look at the classic Loch Raven Dam Case
MUFOB Vol. 6 N. 2 August/1973 - Response to Alan Sharp's analysis of the Loch Raven Dam Case [Dutton, Roy]

Roger SANDELLArchaeologists and astronauts 5-8

Peter ROGERSONInternational Catalogue of Type I UFO Reports8-20
Comments on the Catalogue20-22